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Compatibility & Temperature

Grade Tolerances

Assorted Apples


Group 1. Ice never in contact with commodity. Ethylene producer.



USDA recommended storage 30° to 40° F. (-1.1° to 4.4° C.)

Approximate freezing point 30.0° F. (-1.1° C.)

Transport Apples at the same temperature as maintained in the storage facility. Elevation of temperature will accelerate the

dormant ripening process, and lower temperatures may result in chilling injury. Storage apples are more easily bruised than non-storage apples. To achieve year-around availability a good percentage are placed in controlled atmosphere storage facilities which require constant monitoring of both temperature and gases with oxygen regulated at between 2% and 3% and CO2 at 1% to 2%. Since apples produce ethylene, which enhances ripening, it is also necessary to remove the ethylene from the storage facilities.

Controlled storage techniques not only greatly arrest the ripening process, but also control both pathogens and insects. It is extremely important to remember that the atmosphere in these facilities will not support human life.

Summary of Published/ Grade Tolerances

(The following pertains to U.S. No. 1 unless otherwise noted.)

For defects (U.S. No. 1 and higher) 10% total including

5% serious including

1% decay or internal breakdown For off size

5% undersize 10% oversize


Quality Defects

1) Maturity

2) Shape

3) Cleanness

4) Color

5) Russeting

6) Spray Spotting

7) Sunburn

8) Blotch

9) Old Cuts & Broken Skins

10) Cork



Condition Defects

1) Firmness

2) Bruising

3) Internal Browning

4) Internal Breakdown

5) Bitter Pit

6) Jonathan Spot

7) Scald

8) Storage Scab

9) Alternaria Rot

10) Blue Mold Rot


Suitable Shipping Condition/ F.O.B. Good Delivery Guidelines

(Maximum percentage for 5 day normal transit.)

15% total including 8% serious including 3% decay



Apples produce ethylene and should

not be shipped with ethylene-sensitive products. Apples also readily absorb odors, and care must be used in selecting compatible product for mixed loads.



United States Department Of Agriculture and the Agricultural Marketing Programs and Services.


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