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Century Farms Cooler
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Our Cold Storage Facility:

Century Farms International is committed to being a leader in the fresh produce industry.  We promise to provide innovative, professional services of a quality that meets or exceeds the expectations of our customers, our suppliers and our community in general.  We promise to maintain our facilities to the highest standards possible.


In 2009, Century Farms International developed and opened our new 20,000 square foot cold storage warehouse.  The purpose of this expansion was to better service the Company’s foodservice customer base.  As part of Century’s commitment to satisfy our customer’s requirements, as the industry changes, Century Farms will adapt as well.


PRIMUS and HACCP certified, our facility exceeds the rigorous standards set by the USDA/FDA.  Regular third party audits of our facility and inspections ensure that our operation meets the strict requirements in today’s Food Safety standards.


In addition to normal storage and handling, we are proud to be able to offer:

Forced Air Cooling Unit





Containerized loading



Repacking/Sorting Product



Forced Air Rapid Cooling Product



Short-term storage



Local pick-up and delivery



Freight Consolidation Services (LTL and Full Truckload)



USDA Inspection of Products




In-House on-site grading and quality inspection

Century Farms Repack, Sorting, Quality Assurance
Century Farms Cooler Racks

adheres to strict EPA and FDA guidelines for temperature, sanitation and air flow.  Maintaining critical temperatures throughout the prep, processing, storage and shipping procedures are important to the quality and preservation of food processing.


Accurate temperature control is imperative to the life of fresh produce and their viability in their respective retail markets. The cold chain is the process that temperature sensitive products take throughout their distribution channel to their end consumer.  At Century Farms International, we understand the entire cold chain… products, processes and purpose. This knowledge enables us to make knowledgeable, cost effective decisions about product distribution that minimizes product shrinkage and maximizes operating performance.  Century Farms is a leader in the implementation of cold chain processes that provide bottom line results.

Century Farms Cooler Racks

Our state-of-the-art facility

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