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Century Farms was proud to inaugurate the commencement of our Pineapple season this year with our friends at South Florida's leading supermarket chain,  Presidente Supermarket.


Known for their outstanding flavor and exceptional quality, our Pineapples have been flying off the shelves this season and we can hardly keep up with demand.  Customers were literally lining up to sample our mouthwatering Pineapples and quickly snatching them up into their shopping carts.  The demand quickly exceeded our expectations and set us scrambling to bring in more Pineapples!


The promotion took place simultaneously inside several Presidente Supermarket locations throughout South Florida including their flagship store located in "Little Havana".  Presidente Supermarket had announced our Pineapples on sale a week before to ensure a successful turnout, and it was!  Thanks to their effective advertising campaign and Presidente's uncanny ability to bring in eager shoppers, the promotion was a huge success.


Also, we've held strong to our commitment of establishing new markets while maintaining a high profile presence at retail centers we've long secured throughout the country.  Our promotional campaign at Presidente Supermarket was only the beginning of what has been one of Century Farms' most successful Pineapple seasons to date.


Distribution of our Pineapples have dominated local markets and have captured new East and West coast retail centers. Our targeting of non traditional as well as long established retailers has been "fruitful" to say the least.


Century Farms is delighted to have been a part of this outstanding promotion. We are happy to announce our efforts have not only secured increased volumes for this campaign but also  for the quickly approaching 2015 pineapple season. We look forward to the challenges ahead and are confident that together with partners like Presidente Supermarket, along with our other wholesalers, retailers and supermarkets nationwide,  we can continue to be among the best suppliers of fresh Pineapples in the country.

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